Many people do their best to make their teeth look like the pearly whites featured in TV commercials and shows, but they still struggle to achieve those results. The reason behind this conflict is that correct oral habits are not enough: teeth absorb substances daily that give them a yellowish look that even toothpaste or mouthwashes can't get out.

By visiting a cosmetic dentist in Summerlin and adding teeth whitening to the mix, your teeth will have the enviable look you desire. Here're some answers to questions about the process you might be asking yourself.

woman after visiting a cosmetic Dentist in Summerlin

Are My Teeth Fit for the Process?

A dentist may or may not whiten your teeth depending on your lifestyle and how you keep your mouth clean. A dental professional will ensure that your gums, teeth, and mouth are healthy through several procedures, such as taking a look at your dental history, making sure you are not allergic to whitening agents, and radiographing your mouth to check for internal cracks or infections.

If the health of your mouth is not up to the task, restorative dentistry or other procedures may be in order before tooth whitening.

How Does it Work?

Once your dentist concludes that your teeth are in proper shape to undergo the procedure, they will place a whitening substance over them and let it work for 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the desired shade or how yellow your teeth are. The porous surface of your teeth will absorb the agents present in the paste, such as peroxide and other bleaching agents, leaving them with a bright and clean finish afterward.

Is the Process Painful?

The process only acts on the surface of your teeth, so it stays far away from any nerve or pain receptors in your mouth. The agents in the paste also remain for a very short time, so aside from a bit of sensitivity, the process will be painless and harmless.

Can I Whiten My Implants?

Unfortunately, the agents in teeth whitening solutions only work their magic on natural teeth, acting in the enamel that covers them to remove staining and streaks. Pores on your teeth are to blame for the yellowish aspect of your smile, but they are also the ones that can absorb the whitening agents that dentists use.

Implants are usually made of porcelain, a material that peroxide and bleaching substances cannot penetrate and, in turn, not clean and whiten.

How Long Does It Last?

Once a professional whitens your teeth to have the shade you asked for, they can keep looking like that for up to ten years. But keeping such a pearly smile will depend entirely on how willing you are to develop healthy oral habits. Brushing your teeth twice to three times a day, using mouthwash, and flossing should be part of your lifestyle when trying to preserve a smile you can flaunt.

Arranging regular dentist visits is also a must since they are prepared to clean your teeth professionally and check for any abnormalities or potential problems.

Man visiting his Cosmetic Dentist in Summerlin

Do You Need to See a Cosmetic Dentist in Summerlin?

Teeth whitening will give your teeth a superstar appearance while ensuring they are safe and healthy. If you want to learn more about the process or think it’s time to try it, don’t hesitate to contact the dental professionals at Drs. Chin and Pharar Dentistry. We are ready to give your yellowish smile the white finish you desire.