Regular teeth cleaning with the best dentist in Summerlin, is a habit that’s crucial for good oral health. It enhances the effects of observing proper dental hygiene. However, some people take this necessary procedure for granted and neglect to consistently set appointments with their dentist for teeth cleaning.

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What Can Teeth Cleaning Do for You?

It Removes Any Residual Plaque on the Teeth

Plaque forms on teeth after you consume sugary foods and drinks. It is a thin film that encourages oral bacteria to multiply and attack the dental enamel. Regular brushing and rinsing can remove most of the plaque that forms on your teeth’s surface.  

However, there may be hard-to-reach areas that could accumulate plaque and bacteria. Special dental tools can access these places and remove these stubborn films.  

Cleaning Removes Tartar

Developing plaque is only the first step in the tooth decay process. If plaque is not removed within 72 hours, it hardens into dental calculus. Also known as tartar, this hard shell covers plaque and provides a protective environment in which bacteria multiply faster. Tartar hastens the formation of cavities and can only be removed in the dentist’s chair.

Dental Cleaning Keeps Gingivitis at Bay

Lastly, observing proper oral hygiene and regular cleaning prevents gum disease. The enamel is not the only part of the mouth where plaque and tartar can accumulate. The film could also settle around the gum line on top or below the teeth. The infection will irritate the gums and cause them to swell.

If left unaddressed, gingivitis could progress to periodontitis. This is a severe infection of the gums, which could lead to bone damage and tooth loss. The only form of treatment available for advanced gum disease is surgery.

What Happens If You Don’t Get Regular Teeth Cleaning?

Aside from the conditions described above, below are some oral health issues that could result if you fail to get oral prophylaxis routinely.

Oral Caries

Oral caries or cavities are holes that progressively grow larger. They come from bacteria and other harmful microorganisms burrowing into the tooth’s hard shell. The more plaque or tartar on the teeth, the faster these holes develop. They could also worsen into other conditions like pulpitis.


Pulpitis erupts when the bacterial infection penetrates the enamel and reaches the pulp or the innermost layer of the teeth. The pulp nourishes the root and contains the nerve endings and blood vessels supplying the tooth. The bacteria could sever the nerve endings and kill the tooth if the pulp becomes infected.  


Sepsis is a powerful immune system reaction. It is a response to an infection spreading from one part of the body to the other. According to experts, severe pulpitis could transport the bacteria from the tooth to the bloodstream. From there, they can travel and infect any of the body’s organs, including the heart or the brain. Sepsis could lead to septic shock, which is fatal.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer can occur when the immune system responds to an infection and causes an errant mutation in the cells. Poor oral hygiene and vices like tobacco and alcohol raise a person’s risk of developing mouth cancer. However, early detection and regular dentist visits can help prevent cancer from spreading.

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