The best sedation dentist in Las Vegas understands that dental appointments can be scary to those who have had negative experiences in the past. We aim to change how you feel about visiting the dentist because having healthy teeth should not mean you are uncomfortable or stressed. At the offices of Drs. Chin & Pharar, we are proud to offer sedation dentistry options to make your next procedure painless and anxiety-free.

Young female patient receiving sedation dentistry.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedatives from dental professionals are different from the sedatives used by other medical providers. Most sedative options at the dentist are meant to keep you awake and relaxed, while eliminating pain.

Consciousness is crucial to the success of the given procedure. By keeping you awake, you’re able to keep your mouth open, respond to our questions, and allow us to check in on how you’re feeling. Additional benefits include:

  • Eliminates anxiety
  • Enhances your comfort
  • Stifles your gag reflex
  • Allows multiple procedures in the same sitting

Types of Sedation We Offer

No matter which of the following sedation option is best for you, both will place you in a euphoric mood, allowing for a more comfortable experience. Our office can achieve sedation through oral delivery and IVs.

Oral Sedation

While some offices may use nitrous oxide, aka laughing gas, we opt for oral tablets. These small, easy-to-swallow pills are consumed one hour before your appointment. By the time you arrive, you’ll be fully relaxed and ready for the work to begin. You will need a driver to and from the appointment, as your motor skills will be compromised.

Intravenous (IV) Conscious Sedation

Also known as drip sedation, this allows the anesthesiologist more flexibility in dosing. Everyone tolerates and reacts to sedation differently, making the constant, adjustable IV drip a very safe option for you. in fact, both options are safe when monitored by trained and licensed professionals.

Looking for More Information on Sedation Dentistry?

If you’re still unsure of the safety of dental sedation, explore our blog or contact our office. With the many benefits of sedatives, we believe anyone who needs access to this option should have that guarantee. Learn more about how sedation dentistry works.