No Insurance? No Problem

Nothing is more important to us than the oral health of our beautiful Las Vegas community. We've put together a care plan that allows you to see us four times a year, even without dental insurance!

We're happy to announce that you will have access to four cleanings per year, any x-rays that you need, and even crucial emergency care at no additional cost. This is just another way that our team at Drs. Chin and Pharar go the extra mile for each of our patients.  

Take advantage while there's NO waiting period, NO deductibles, and NO maximum.

Up to FOUR cleanings a year
TWO periodic exams
fluoride application a year
ONE emergency exam a year
Any x-rays you need

Our plan allows you to get the optimal care you need instead of just what your insurance covers.


Periodontal care
20% off
Restorative care
20% off
Oral Surgery
20% off
15% off

Exclusions and Limitations