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It’s 3:00 am and you’re awake with the worst toothache ever. Do you know where to find your emergency dentist? Las Vegas emergency dentists Dr. Chin and Dr. Pharar can see you… yes, even at three in the morning.

Drs. Chin   know that dental problems can’t tell time. When they happen, and you’re experiencing dental pain, you need immediate relief. This enterprising team of on-call dentists is available to help their existing patients at the moment help is most needed.

How can you be sure yours is an emergency dental issue? Here are some markers:

  • Has the overall appearance of your smile been negatively impacted? This may mean a failure of some cosmetic dentistry technique – perhaps a chipped tooth, a broken tooth, a loose dental crown or cracked porcelain veneers.
  • Are you in pain? Pain is a good indicator that help is needed right away. Sudden tooth trauma, severe and sudden toothache and other types of dental and facial pain should send you seeking help from our emergency dentists.

Convinced you need emergency dentistry? Here’s what to do next:

  • Stay calm
  • Clean the affected area, especially if your lips or tongue have suffered cuts
  • Call Drs. Chin   Dentistry at (702) 445-7075 immediately
  • Place any small tooth fragments or broken or failed dental work in a clean plastic bag and bring the bag with you to your office visit
  • If you’ve lost a tooth, try sliding it back in to the socket. Can’t do it? Place the tooth in a glass of milk and bring it with you to the office

Our dentists understand how you are feeling and how to address these incidents. We’ll find the cause of your distress, relieve your pain, and treat your problem so that you can be comfortable until your next scheduled dental visit. If necessary, we can provide full treatment during the emergency visit.

Are you an existing patient suffering from a dental emergency? Las Vegas emergency dentists Dr. Robert Chin and Dr. Jessica Pharar welcome your call at (702) 445-7075, or contact us online to schedule your consultation today. Our office proudly serves clients in Las Vegas, Nevada, and surrounding areas.