When you brush your teeth regularly and don't eat sugar every chance you get, your mouth is likely to remain pristine and healthy. Many people wrongly believe such practices are enough to take care of all bacteria, and in doing so, forget some oral germs hiding in plain sight can ruin teeth and gums. Regular cleanings from a dentist in Summerlin are vital to counteract harmful substances' effects and protect your smile against future threats. Here's what can happen if you don't schedule these visits as often as you should.  

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What Happens During a Dental Cleaning?  

If you want your teeth to stay away from dental problems, you should book a dental cleaning twice a year or as frequently as your dentist advises. Once you get to the dental office, a professional performs a thorough oral examination to look for signs of oral problems.  

Then, they remove plaque and tartar build-ups around your mouth to stop bacteria from further damaging tissue. To finish the job, your dentist covers your teeth with a fluoride gel to give them an extra protective layer against acids, sugar, tobacco, coffee, and other substances.  

If you use your busy schedule or dental anxiety as an excuse to postpone dental cleanings, you might face certain oral issues soon.  

Oral Problems That Arise When You Don't Schedule Dental Cleanings  

Gum Disease  

Dental cleanings might be inconvenient to your tight agenda, but bleeding and receding gums are even more uncomfortable and will take more of your time in the long run. Gum disease is already a health concern for almost half of the American population, and avoiding dental cleanings is one of the main catalysts of this condition. If you pair a lack of cleanings with smoking or improper tooth brushing, bacteria are bound to attack your gums and cause infection, bleeding, and recession.  

Visiting your dentist for a dental cleaning often takes care of plaque and tartar responsible for periodontal disease, preventing the issue altogether.  

Tooth Decay  

Tooth decay goes hand-in-hand with gum disease as the most common dental problem in the world, affecting 9 out of 10 adults in the US. When bacteria stay over the surface of your teeth, they produce acidic substances that erode tooth enamel. Over time, this situation creates a gate for bacteria to access deeper and more sensitive sections of your smile, like roots and nerves. Untreated decay can lead to an abscess, tissue death, and tooth loss.  

You can prevent decay by getting regular dental cleanings, as your dentist will save any moderately-ill teeth and shield your smile from future bacteria attacks.  

Yellow Teeth

Preventing decay and gum disease is beneficial from an oral health perspective, but regular cleanings can also give your smile a more polished appearance. Morning coffee, wine, and sugary treats might seem harmless, but they contain substances like tannin that stay in your teeth and produce staining. Scheduling cleanings can solve your yellow teeth problem, as a professional uses dental tools and gritty toothpaste to remove spots that tarnish your smile. However, you can also prevent stains by controlling your intake of foods that color your teeth, such as:  

  • Berries
  • Tea, coffee, and wine
  • Candy and gum  
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Looking for a Dentist in Summerlin?  

Regular dental cleanings effectively treat and prevent dental problems like gum disease, decay, and yellow teeth. Our team highlights the importance of this procedure and offers the best treatment to protect your beautiful smile. Contact us today to book an appointment with our experienced dentists!