Dental implant surgery is a process that ends with installing Las Vegas dental crowns on top of the artificial root. Together, the implant and the crown take the place of the natural root and tooth missing from your jawbone.

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What You Should Not Do After the Surgery  

Like all surgical procedures, a recovery period follows a dental implant operation. Your oral surgeon will advise you to steer clear of the following actions immediately after the surgery.

Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol consumption is a primary cause of post-surgery complications. In this context, imbibing wine or beer right after an oral procedure increases the risk of a dry socket. A dry socket is a condition in which the wound fails to form a blood clot after a surgical operation. The lack of a blood clot severely impairs recovery and subjects you to considerable pain.

Alcohol may also adversely react to any antibiotics or painkillers your dentist prescribes for swelling and pain.  


Next to alcohol, smoking is another major obstacle to post-surgery wound healing. The chemical mixture in tobacco and cigarettes reduces the blood flow from the lungs to the entire body. Any injury in the mouth receives few platelets necessary for clotting, leading to a dry socket. These chemicals also leave residue on the teeth and cause bad breath.

Eating the Wrong Food or Drinks

The gums are tender and sensitive immediately after implant surgery. You may worsen the injury by drinking hot drinks and hard food soon after meeting your oral surgeon. Instead, you should stick to soft food like soup, cheese, macaroni, and bread. Your dentist will advise you when it is okay to go back to an ordinary diet.

Engaging in Heavy Exercise

You are strictly prohibited from strenuous exercise immediately after your dentist operates on you. Overtaxing your muscles 24 hours after a dental service will rupture the sutures and cause bleeding. It can also interrupt the natural blood-clotting procedures, resulting in a painful dry socket. You also cause delays in your recovery as well.

You can, however, do light activities like walking around the neighborhood. This helps you maintain your energy and eases boredom. Light exercise also increases blood flow throughout the body, reducing inflammation in the surgery area and accelerating healing.

Neglecting Oral Hygiene

People fear brushing their teeth after dental surgery could worsen the injury. Thus, some patients avoid dental hygiene until they think the wound has fully healed. The truth is that keeping the mouth clean and healthy is crucial to a faster recovery. For instance, allowing bacteria to accumulate increases the risk of infection in the implant site.

Continue to observe regular brushing and rinse your mouth to keep the bacterial levels down. Use gentle movements, especially near the dental implants. Put a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water and softly swish the liquid around the mouth.

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Get Your Las Vegas Dental Crowns Only From a Trusted Dentist

You should only trust your dental crowns and implants to a reputable dentist. Find out more about our oral surgeries by contacting us and scheduling an appointment.