Missing teeth present obvious and easily seeen cosmetic issues. No one wants a gap in his smile. However, when you lose a tooth you are also at greatly increased risk of suffering significant dental health problems. That’s why it’s so crucial for patients in Las Vegas to ask about dental implants as soon as possible after losing teeth.

Dental implants provide our Las Vegas-area patients with strong, sturdy replacement teeth. They look as attractive as natural teeth, but more importantly, they help you stave off the serious health issues associated with losing a tooth (or multiple teeth).

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What You Don’t Have Can Hurt You

It’s easy to forget that your mouth is a complex, inter-connected system. Everything relates and connects to everything else. Problems with a single tooth aren’t contained there. And when you lose a tooth, the consequences can be felt by the rest of your mouth.

The crucial thing to keep in mind is that tooth loss is less about missing the specific tooth and more about bone loss. Teeth play crucial roles in maintaining the strength and density of your jawbone, which requires constant stimulation. Teeth provide that stimulation as a result of the constant contact their making with other teeth throughout the day.

So when you lose a tooth, your jawbone loses the stimulation it needs to maintain its density. And that can have devastating effects.

Those include:

  • An increased danger of losing more teeth (the density of the underlying bone structure supports your teeth)
  • Difficulty chewing, swallowing, speaking and even breathing
  • A lack of support for your facial structure, eventually leading to a sunken appearance in your cheeks
  • Shifting or drifting of the remaining teeth

Fortunately, Las Vegas dental implants prevent these issues. By fusing with the underlying bone tissue, the implants both support and are supported by your jaw, which means they play the same role as your natural teeth.

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