When we ask our dental patients the question “What would you like to change about your smile?,” do you what the most common answer is?  The majority of our patients would like to make their smile whiter and brighter.  If you are unhappy you’re your smile, and simply want it whiter and bright, professional teeth whitening may be a great option for you.  Mistakenly, too many people think that whitening their teeth requires a considerable investment in both time and money.  Well, that is not the case.  Today, we can offer different levels of professional whitening to fit every schedule and budget.

There is a big difference between professional whitening systems, and the whitening systems offered directly to the patient over-the-counter without any dental supervision.  First, over-the-counter whitening gel is much less concentrated than the professional strength gel utilized in a dental office with direct supervision.  So you can expect a lesser result from the weaker over-the-counter product.  Secondly, tooth sensitivity may sometimes occur from teeth whitening, and this can be easily managed when you are being supervised by a dental professional.  Before any cosmetic procedure, you should have a thorough dental clinical exam to rule out any potential complications, and make certain you are a good candidate for the procedure.  Thirdly, the over-the-counter trays that are provided often fit poorly, and may cause unnecessary and avoidable gum problems caused by the whitening gel.  At a professional dental office, you will receive custom-fitted trays when you have your whitening performed, and this will help to avoid gum problems from occurring.

We offer three levels of teeth whitening treatment in Drs. Chin & Pharar Dentistry in Las Vegas.  Each level of whitening systems varies in both cost and expected results.  The first option is a simple and easy to use Tray System with pre-loaded, flavored whitening gel.  It takes 20 minutes a day for approximately two weeks to achieve a maximum result with this option.  The second option is a Take Home Whitening System consisting of custom fitted whitening trays to place the whitening gel.  You are given detailed instructions and provided with a higher concentration whitening gel that will allow you to obtain your brightest result safely.  We will do any necessary follow-up visits to ensure the best results.  The final professional method of teeth whitening is a combination of an in-office procedure, where we directly place the whitening on your teeth for three 15 minute cycles.  You are then provided with custom fitted whitening trays and whitening gel to continue your whitening treatment at home.  This method provides you with the very best results.

Las Vegas Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Pharar has found that people with a great smile tend to have more confidence, and they are perceived to be more trusting, successful and likeable.   A smile is one of the first things that people tend to notice about a person, so make sure your smile is at its whitest and brightest.  Professional whitening allows you to greatly improve your smile with very little time and effort.  If you have any questions about whitening or any other cosmetic procedures, we offer Complimentary Cosmetic Consultations at Drs. Chin & Pharar Dentistry.  Please give our Las Vegas dental office a call to schedule a consultation at 702-445-7075, or fill out a confidential contact form.