More and more adults are improving their smiles with orthodontic treatment.  We offer two types of short term orthodontics.  Six Month Smiles and Invisalign are two well-known proven methods for adults to  improve their smile with orthodontic movement.  They both achieve great results, but there are differences between the two treatment options.

Las Vegas Dentist Dr. Chin is the Six Month Smiles Provider in our office.  Six Month Smiles utilizes clear braces along with tooth-colored wire.  Unlike traditional orthodontic treatment, they are nearly invisible in our patient’s mouth.  Six Month Smiles is a fast, effective way to change the alignment of the teeth that show in your smile.  The average treatment time is six months, hence the name Six Month Smiles.  Newer techniques and materials allow us to place the braces quickly, and the teeth move much faster than traditional orthodontic techniques.

Dr. Pharar, a Las Vegas Cosmetic Dentist, is the Invisalign Provider at our practice.  Invisalign uses a series of Clear Aligners that you wear throughout the process.  The Aligners are fabricated and designed with the latest in computer technology providing a comfortable fit, and tremendous results.  Invisalign Retainers are to be worn 24/7, except when eating.  Treatment time can vary from 6 months to 24 months, depending on your individual situation.

In discussing orthodontic treatment with our patients, we always offer all dental options that are appropriate for their specific dental situation.  When comparing Six Months Smiles and Invisalign we talk about the advantages and disadvantages for both treatment options.  The advantage of Six Month Smiles in comparison to Invisalign is Six Month Smiles is typically a lower fee, and the treatment time is usually shorter than Invisalign.  The disadvantage of Six Month Smiles, in comparison to Invisalign, is that the braces cannot be removed once treatment begins, until completion.  Invisalign Retainers have the advantage of being able to be removed for a short time, for an important social function or event.  Both methods can achieve the same end result.  Our patients select the method that is most appropriate for their particular case.

At Drs. Chin   Dentistry, we offer Complimentary Consultations to answer any questions you may have regarding orthodontic procedures or any other cosmetic procedures.  Please give us a call at 702-445-7075 or e-mail us at for more information or to schedule a consultation.