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Very few people would claim that they look forward to going to the dentist. But for some people, the sound of the drill, the bright lights and the unique smells of the dentist’s office are truly frightening, preventing them from obtaining regular dental care so vital to good health.

Are you one of those who experiences dental anxiety? Then you may be helped by sedation dentistry, which allows your dentist to perform all of your dental work while you remain completely relaxed, due to the administration of a sedative. You will remain conscious throughout, and able to speak with the dentist, but simply won’t remember the process or experience any anxiety. Your nerves will stay calm, your sensitivity subdued, so that you feel no pain. If you suffer from a gag reflex, you won’t need to worry about it.

Two Types of Sedation Dentistry

The most common type of sedation dentistry is oral sedation. You will swallow medication about an hour before your procedure, and be completely relaxed when your dental work begins, yet still able to communicate with the dentist. Because you’ll be feeling quite relaxed when your procedure has ended, be sure to arrange for a ride to the office and home again, for your own safety as the medication wears off.

Alternatively, intravenous (IV) conscious sedation can be used by your Las Vegas sedation dentist. This involves placement of an IV which delivers sedation directly into your bloodstream. IV sedation is faster acting than oral sedation, so you’ll return to your normal state of awareness more quickly. However, IV sedation is overseen by licensed dental anesthesiologists, and can offer additional flexibility in the monitoring and adjustment of your sedation level, which is a plus for some patients.

Sedation Dentistry Safety

Las Vegas sedation dentists like Dr. Robert Chin and Dr. Jessica Pharar have safely used sedation dentistry for years, with excellent outcomes. For anxious dental patients, sedation dentistry offers a safe and effective means of receiving vital dental care, comfortably and conveniently. In fact, even those patients with no dental anxiety often request sedation dentistry for lengthier procedures, such as root canals.

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