If dental visits give you a hard time or you feel like you have no time to schedule one, then getting a family dentist in Las Vegas might be the answer. When a dental professional can care for your whole family, several benefits come your way, such as saving time, getting more accurate treatments, making your kids feel safer, and creating a closer doctor-patient relationship.

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How Often Should You Visit a Family Dentist?

Even if the golden rule is to schedule dentist appointments once every six months, every patient is different and has their own dental problems. Genetics make some people more prone to tooth decay, forcing them to see a professional more often. Others won’t get cavities once but meet their match in periodontal disease and have receding gums and sensitive teeth.

Always ask your family dentist to tell you how often you should visit them to keep your oral health at its best.

Benefits of Having a Family Dentist

It Saves You Time

Time is one of our most precious resources, and adults never feel like they have enough of it. Since family dentists can give cleanings and oral examinations to all family members on the same day, you’ll be able to squeeze your kids and you into a single appointment, saving you time and energy. Therefore, taking your kids out of school on different days and repeatedly requesting time off to see the doctor are things of the past.

They Will Know Your Full Family Dental History

Not only will you save time by just having to book a single appointment, but you and your family will also get more fitting treatments for their dental ailments. When family members share the same dentist, the dental professional gets a more detailed and thorough look at their patients’ genetic predispositions, like if they are prone to gum disease, plaque build-ups, or tooth decay. This situation allows dentists to treat more accurately and stay on the lookout for those specific dental issues in future check-ups.

Family dentists can also understand if a dental issue is related to a previous surgery or treatment since they have access to the medical history to check.

Your Kids Will Feel More at Ease

Dental anxiety can turn an out-of-the-ordinary appointment into a hellish nightmare. Children are usually more creative and imaginative than adults, which makes it easier for them to fear things they don’t understand, such as dentist visits.  

Aside from answering their questions and picking a reasonable time of the day for the dental appointment, getting a family dentist can be a great solution to mitigate your child’s dental anxiety. Your kids will be doing something they fear with someone they trust and love, making them feel more comfortable.

You Can Forge a Stable, Warm Relationship

When your dentist knows your whole family, they get to learn about the people behind their treatments. This circumstance allows for a closer, trusting, and long-lasting relationship you’ll want to keep for a long time, which will likely motivate you to schedule appointments more often.

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Looking for a Qualified Family Dentist in Las Vegas?

Getting a family dentist is a time-saving, comforting, and effective solution to your dental problems. We are ready to meet your family and treat them as ours, so call us today and schedule an appointment to take care of your oral health.