Here at Drs. Chin   Dentistry in Las Vegas, we often hear patients ask, “Why haven’t they invented an easier way than brushing and flossing to help prevent developing gum disease?” Well, the good news is that they have.  Perio Protect® is a simple way that allows you to wear customized trays, daily, that will significantly decrease your chances of developing Periodontal Disease.  We are not advocating that you stop brushing or flossing, but when Perio Protect is added to your daily routine, you will greatly improve your dental health.

Scientific research has shown that there is a direct correlation between poor dental health, and an increased risk for developing cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes.  Oral bacteria have been found in diseased heart, lungs, brain, and arteries.  Oral bacteria can enter into other parts of our body through infected gums and tissue.  All of this information is another reason why it is so important to maintain regular hygiene visits at least twice a year to help avoid developing Periodontal Disease.

Las Vegas Dentists Dr. Chin and Dr. Pharar recently attended a two-day seminar on a revolutionary treatment to treat patients and help them to significantly reduce the amount of disease causing bacteria in our patients.  The Perio Protect system consists of a customized Perio Tray that is used in conjunction with a prescribed medication.  The doctors determine the proper treatment sequence for your individualized needs.  The Perio Protect is a daily treatment that only takes a few minutes and helps to reduce the disease causing bacteria.  A University of Southern California study utilizing a scanning electron microscope showed that after 17 days using Perio Protect, 99.98% of the disease-causing bacteria were killed.

If you would like to find out more about the revolutionary Perio Protect System, please call the Las Vegas dentist office of Drs. Chin & Pharar at 702-445-7075 or send us an email through our secure contact form.