There are countless hassles involved in moving to a new town such as Las Vegas. Aside from finding the perfect home, you must also change your address with USPS and have internet and cable installed. One thing that often gets missed in the constant stress of the moving process is finding a new dentist. You likely had a dentist, doctor, ophthalmologist and other specialists at your old home, but now you must find the right ones for you in the Las Vegas area.

Here are some tips to help you decide which dentistry office is the best fit:

  1. Scheduling Your Appointment: There are several new patient papers you must fill out before being seen. Some dentistry offices send this paperwork ahead of time or offer an online option such as our dentists’ new patient forms. The ease of making your appointment can give you a good impression before you step inside the door.
  2. Atmosphere: You should feel welcome the moment you step into your new dentist’s office. Whether it’s through softer lighting in the waiting room with ample reading materials or just an overall feeling you get when interacting with the staff.
  3. Bedside Manor: Your dentist should be friendly and walk you through the new patient process. You will likely need x-rays and a teeth cleaning before moving forward with any necessary dental work. If you don’t feel comfortable with the dentist, you may want to keep looking.
  4. Continued Education and Certifications: Many dentistry professionals such as our Drs. Chin   strive to continue their education and stay up to date with the latest certifications and expertise in the ever-advancing dental technologies.
  5. Honesty: Many dentistry professionals may try to sell you on unnecessary dental procedures such as pushing you to fill a cavity that isn’t needed. You want a dentist who is honest with you instead of seeing you as a dollar sign.

If you’re new to the Las Vegas area and/or are looking for a new dentist, please contact Drs. Chin   in Las Vegas today at (702) 445-7075 to schedule your dental exam and evaluation. Our dentists serve clients in Summerlin, Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada.