Metal amalgam

Metal amalgam fillings have been the norm when fixing cavities found in your teeth for the past 150 years. Now, more and more dentists are offering patients mercury-free filling options. But what, exactly, do you need to know about your amalgam fillings?

Are They Safe?

Millions of people have metal fillings. However, growing concern comes from the mercury that is found within the metallic mixture. The Food and Drug Administration is currently evaluating if the use of this material is indeed safe for children and adults.

However, studies have shown that the amount of mercury levels you are exposed to from your fillings is smaller than the daily amount you are exposed to by the environment or the food you eat, including fish.

When Should You Get New Fillings?

Although replacing your amalgam fillings isn’t necessary, it is a good safety precaution to guard against potentially suffering from mercury toxicity. In general, you should consider mercury-free filling alternatives if you experience issues, including:

  • An allergic reaction to the material used
  • High exposure to mercury
  • Broken, worn or decaying fillings

If you are concerned about your metal fillings, Drs. Chin   can discuss other options offered to our patients, including white fillings.

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