fear of dentist

Odontophobia, aka fear of the dentist, impacts millions of Americans. Your fear could be the result of a bad dental experience, part of an anxiety disorder or an issue with lack of control. Our Las Vegas dentists want you to feel comfortable when you seek dental treatment.

Many people would rather live with tooth pain, or even lose teeth, than go to the dentist’s office. It’s common for fearful adults to develop gum disease, because they fail to have regular checkups with a dentist. There are tooth and gum conditions that lead to more severe health issues like strokes, diabetes and heart complications.

Luckily, Drs. Chin   can help you overcome your fear, and they also offer sedation dentistry. The option of sedation allows you to have the benefit of excellent dental care without any of the panic.

Bring a Trusted Friend or Family Member

If your fear is strong enough to keep you from seeking vital dental work, ask someone you trust to come with you to your initial visit. If you need dental surgery, it can be scheduled for another day. Talk to Dr. Chin or Dr. Pharar about your fears and ask what they suggest to ease your anxiety.

Meditation and Distraction

Purposeful breathing and meditation can go quite a ways in helping relieve your anxiety and fear. Exhale completely and slowly inhale while counting to ten, then exhale gradually while counting to ten again. This slows your heart rate, and alleviates your anxiety while preventing panic attacks. Some of what makes a dentistry office so terrifying are the horrid sounds that accompany the equipment. Ask if you can listen to music through headphones, and focus on a nearby painting or piece of art during your appointment.


Severe odontophobia is best addressed by speaking with a psychologist about the underlying cause of your fear. The dental chair is a vulnerable place for anyone to be, but Drs. Chin   can work with you and help reduce your fears in conjunction with a therapist. Facing your fear begins with scheduling an appointment and voicing your concerns.

If you have an extreme fear of the dentist, contact our Las Vegas emergency dentists at (702) 445-7075 today about sedation dentistry. We provide experienced dental care to patients in Las Vegas, Nevada and surrounding areas.