Let’s talk about someone truly inspirational: Jessica Pharar. Recently named to the prestigious Vegas Inc. "40 under 40" list, Pharar isn’t your everyday dentist. She’s a game-changer in the dental field, especially for those battling cancer.

Dr Pharar

The Heart Behind the Foundation

Pharar’s inspiration behind the Pharar Foundation is as personal as it gets. It all started with her dad’s fight against terminal brain cancer. Witnessing his struggle, she saw firsthand the gaping need for specialized dental care tailored specifically for cancer patients. That’s when she decided to do something about it.

The Pharar Foundation is her brainchild, born out of the desire to ensure that no one undergoing cancer treatment has to worry about their dental health. Free dental care for cancer patients? Yes, that’s what Pharar and her team are all about.

From College to Caregiver

Pharar’s backstory is pretty fascinating. She spent most of her college years researching oral cancer and dental lasers – talk about foreshadowing! She would also work in a clinic for domestic abuse survivors, which honed her ability to handle complex medical cases. It was this blend of experiences that perfectly prepped her for her future role at the foundation.

A Balancing Act

Running a nonprofit while managing a busy dental practice (Drs. Chin and Pharar Dentistry) that she operates with her husband sounds like a superhero task, but Pharar handles it with a grace that makes it look almost effortless.

Besides doing routine dental work, Pharar is also deeply involved in the patient care process, making sure every person who walks through the doors receives top-tier, empathetic dental services. This commitment is doubled at the Pharar Foundation, where she applies the same level of care and dedication to help cancer patients maintain their oral health during their treatments.

What’s Next?

Pharar has nothing but big plans for the future. She’s looking to shift even more of her focus toward the foundation over the coming years.  

Her goal? To kickstart a residency program that trains up-and-coming dentists to provide top-notch care to medically complex patients, particularly those battling cancer. And with collaborations like those with Comprehensive Cancer Centers and UNLV, she’s well on her way.

Pharar is super passionate about her work, and it truly shows. “I love that I get to care for cancer patients when they are going through the scariest part of their journey and walk with them as they heal,” she says. “I am so fortunate to help them during their greatest time of need.”

Dr Pharar and team

Why Jessica Pharar Deserves to Be Recognized

It’s not just about making it onto a list of successful under-40 achievers. For Pharar, it’s about making a real difference in the lives of those facing their toughest battles. Her passion and dedication are exactly why she’s a standout in her field, changing lives one smile at a time.

Through it all, Pharar keeps her focus on the bigger picture: improving healthcare access and quality for those who need it most. It’s a challenging balance, but one she manages with unwavering commitment and a smile that reassures you she’s got everything under control.

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