We recommend Invisalign® and OrthoClear® invisible braces to our Nevada patients to achieve the straighter smile they’ve always wanted. However, many people have heard some common misconceptions about invisible braces. The first step in deciding whether this orthodontic treatment is right for you is to understand the truth about invisible braces.

Myth: Traditional Braces Are More Effective Than Invisible Braces

Although Invisalign and OrthoClear both use clear plastic aligners instead of the traditional metal brackets and wires, these treatments are no less effective. Straightening your teeth with these methods is simply a new and advanced technology that can make your orthodontic treatment easier than ever.

Myth: Only Teenagers Wear Braces

Many adults have the preconceived notion that braces require a mouth full of metal that only teenagers can benefit from. The truth is that invisible braces benefit patients of all ages. Teens and adults can enjoy straighter teeth without the hassle of traditional orthodontics.

Myth: Braces Require a Lot of Maintenance

While traditional braces do require extra work to keep up with your oral hygiene and necessitate a more limited diet, invisible braces are much easier to take care of. You simply remove the clear plastic aligners for mealtimes and daily dental hygiene care.

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