Cosmetic dentistry is typically not taught in dental schools. That means that to become proficient at performing cosmetic dentistry procedures, a dentist must obtain post-graduate training, both theoretical and hands-on.

Therefore, before you choose a cosmetic dentist summerlin, make sure that they are properly trained and qualified. Both Dr. Robert Chin and Dr. Jessica Pharar have received training at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, the premiere school for cosmetic dentistry training.

If you are in the stage of scheduling consultations with a number of cosmetic dentists who could potentially be your choice, write up a list of questions to take with you. Make brief notes on the answers you receive. If the answers are not clear, ask more questions until you understand. You would want to choose a cosmetic dentist who communicates clearly and who is happy to take time with you.

If you are offered an office tour, think about how you would feel if you were coming to this office regularly. Would you feel welcomed? Safe? Relaxed? Also notice how the dental staff works together. Do they seem well-organized? Busy but not over-stressed? Friendly with each other?

Although patient education is a high priority for the best cosmetic dentists and they will take time for it, you can educate yourself to some extent by reading web pages about the procedures you are interested in. You can also read the biography or credential pages of each cosmetic dentist you are considering.

When you finally make your choice, place your confidence in that dentist and follow his or her advice and instructions. That is especially important when you have had a procedure such as a porcelain crown or dental implant and must follow directions during the brief recovery periods.

If you would like to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Chin or Dr. Pharar, please call or email our cosmetic dentistry office today. We serve the areas of Las Vegas, Summerlin, and Henderson in Nevada and we hope to meet with you soon.