Chipped teeth dramatically affect the appearance of otherwise healthy teeth. Most often the result of an injury or trauma to the tooth, a chipped tooth may detract from your smile. As part of a smile makeover or a single procedure, cosmetic dentistry can restore a chipped tooth, bringing back the symmetry and beauty of your smile.

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Restoring the Structure of Chipped Teeth

To improve the appearance of a chipped tooth, a cosmetic dentistry approach will be targeted at rebuilding the tooth with various materials. Treatments for chipped teeth include:

Porcelain veneers look like thin shells. Veneers are about the width of a credit card, and they are placed over the front, visible surface of your tooth to conceal cosmetic tooth flaws. Veneers are matched precisely to the natural color of your teeth, so they blend seamlessly into your smile.

A tooth crown, sometimes called a “cap,” mimics the entire visible structure of a tooth, but is hollow inside. A tooth crown is placed over your tooth. Your natural tooth enamel will be ground away to eliminate the chip and make room for the crown to encase the tooth.

Tooth bonding is similar to porcelain veneers, but tends to be a more affordable and convenient treatment. The chip in your tooth can be rebuilt by using bonding, a resin material that our dentists will mold to your tooth.

If your tooth and tooth root are severely damaged by a chip or fracture, you may need to have the tooth extracted (pulled). If this is the case, we have a few ways to replace your tooth. A dental implant is one of the most effective tooth replacement options. Implants are durable, permanent, and look like your natural teeth.

Considering your Cosmetic Dentistry Options

Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry provides us many avenues to creating beautiful smiles for our patients. Finding the right way to restore your chipped tooth depends on your preferences and priorities, which may include:

  • Durability of treatment
  • Cost of treatment
  • Time required for visible results
  • Quality of results
  • Longevity of results

Our cosmetic dentistry team is dedicated to providing you with adequate patient education so you can make informed decisions about your smile.

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