Las Vegas Dentists Dr. Chin, and Pharar were very pleased with the free dental implant seminar that they had in their Learning Center on August 25.  They love the opportunity to provide options to their patients to improve their dental health and lifestyle.  Implants, and more specifically, the All-On-Four pocedure (also known as Teeth in a Day), is a perfect option for those patients that have ill-fitting dentures that they can no longer tolerate or for patients who are facing loosing many or all of their teeth and are dreading being faced with removable teeth.  With the All-On-Four procedure, four implants are placed in each arch, and a fixed bridge is place on the same day.  This procedure is performed with sedation and patient’s can’t believe how convenient and comfortable it is!  The most important advantage of an implant bridge vs. a removable denture is that it preserves bone and it avoids the innevitable problems of losing so much bone later in life that even a well made denture is not comfortable or retentive.

Las Vegas Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Chin, states that it is the best investment that a patient can make in their longterm health if they wear a removable denture.