Many Las Vegas residents would say that if they could change their smile they woud. Perhaps you have stained teeth you’d like to correct or some unevenness or chipping you would like to disappear. With porcelain veneers, you can easily enhance and improve your smile.

Porcelain veneers are a wafer-thin section crafted from top-quality dental porcelain. They are attached to the front of your existing teeth to hide imperfections which can result from:

  • Any teeth that are irregularly shaped, misaligned, or uneven
  • Worn down teeth
  • Discoloration of teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Broken or chipped teeth

With our cosmetic dentistry team of Dr. Chin and Dr. Pharar, your smile can be updated with little or no tooth removal. A typical porcelain veneers treatment requires just two dental appointments – one to create your cosmetic dental treatment plan and the other to enact it successfully.

Once your porcelain veneers are in place, you can care for them just as you would your natural teeth. By brushing and flossing twice daily and attending your regularly scheduled dental visits, you will be able to enjoy your appealing new smile in perpetuity.

If you would like to know more about porcelain veneers and how they can transform your smile, please contact Drs. Chin & Pharar Dentistry at our Las Vegas office. Call (702) 445-7075 to find out how custom, high-quality porcelain veneers can meet your cosmetic dentistry needs.