One of the things that we commonly hear in our dental practice is how much patients dislike getting Novocaine. The main reason is the pain that comes from the traditional dental syringe and needle. In fact, many patients will actually have their dentistry done without even getting numb because they fear the needle so much. They would rather put up with discomfort from the drilling of their teeth than face having a painful dental injection.

There have been so many advances in dentistry throughout the years, and one of them is the Single Tooth Anesthesia System (STA) from Milestone Scientific. This system not only allows us to give a virtually pain-free dental injection but also we do not need to numb half of the side of your face while doing so. The STA System has many advantages over the traditional way dentists typically anesthetize their patients. Here are some of them:

1-STA is a computer controlled system and is able to sense pressure/resistance while dispensing the Novocaine. The speed of fluid being dispensed is also controlled by the STA System. This is typically the main reason you’ll experience pain during a dental injection.

2-The STA System needle is much smaller than traditional syringe and needle because the fluid is dispensed by a computer, causing virtually no pain while delivering the Novocaine.

3-The STA allows us to numb just one tooth, so much less Novocaine is required which is much safer for our patients. Also, by numbing only one tooth you don’t leave the office with the entire one side of your face still numb and puffy for hours.

We have been using the STA System for years and have found our patients LOVE IT. We constantly hear “That was the best shot I ever had”. We use the STA System ALL the time with all dental procedures requiring Novocaine. We can count on our patients reminding us to use it if we would ever forget. All of our patients say they would never allow us to give a traditional needle and syringe now that they know the STA System exists.

The STA System is also excellent for use in children. It allows us to painlessly numb them, and avoid having any bad dental episode which may stay with them the rest of their lives. Going to the dentist no longer needs a painful experience because the STA System allows us to comfortably anesthetize all of our patients.

Please feel free to ask us about the STA System and other technology that we use to make your dental visit with us a memorable one.