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Teeth Whitening Questions

Serving Las Vegas, Summerlin, and Henderson, Nevada

Why should a cosmetic dentist whiten my teeth?

Our cosmetic dentists will supervise all aspects of your teeth whitening procedure for outstanding results, including:

  • Even whitening of all tooth surfaces
  • Accuracy of desired shade and brightness
  • Control of safety and minimization of sensitivity

A cosmetic dentist can better ensure you receive the bright white smile you desire from teeth whitening.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Generally, teeth whitening is a safe, effective procedure. Our cosmetic dentists will inform you of any possible risks. Sensitivity tends to be the greatest risk of teeth whitening, and a treatment performed by cosmetic dentists greatly reduces this risk.

How will my cosmetic dentist whiten my teeth?

Our cosmetic dentists offer an in-office option and a take-home option. At our office, we use the ZOOM! 2™ teeth whitening system to whiten your teeth in a single appointment. Or, if you prefer to complete your treatment at home, we can provide custom whitening trays for use at your leisure.

What is the difference between whitening from a cosmetic dentist and over-the-counter whitening kits?

These days, take-home whitening kits are available at just about any grocery store. At our practice, our cosmetic dentists do not recommend the use of these kits, which typically utilize a one-size-fits-all tray or strips to whiten teeth.

Because they are not customized, these kits often do not evenly whiten all the surfaces of your teeth. Whitening not provided by a cosmetic dentist may also produce unsatisfactory results, and could possibly increase the risk of tooth sensitivity.

How many dental appointments will I have to go to before I see final results?

If you choose teeth whitening at our office, our cosmetic dentists will complete your treatment within an hour. You will walk out of the office with your whitened smile completed. If you choose our custom take-home trays, you will wear the trays nightly for about a month, at which point your treatment will be complete.

How long do teeth whitening results last?

There is no definite way to know how long results will last, because teeth whiteness is affected by the specific foods and beverages you consume, as well as your oral hygiene habits. Ask our cosmetic dentists about ways you can extend the longevity of your bright smile.

To learn more about teeth whitening from cosmetic dentists serving Las Vegas, Nevada, please contact Drs. Bryson & Margio Dentistry to schedule a consultation.