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Big changes! Drs. Bryson & Dr. Margio have passed their practice on to Dr. Chin & Dr. Pharar. Please read below for more information, and thanks for being a patient!
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Teeth Whitening and Dental Health


Good dental hygiene is important to your overall health and often is the first thing people notice when meeting you, on both formal occasions like a job interview or social occasions like attending a public event. Many people are happy with the sparkle they get from regular flossing, good oral hygiene and cleanings at the dentist’s office, but if you decide you would like to move beyond this for a brighter smile, there are a number of teeth whitening options to investigate.

The first step is to start by talking with our professional Las Vegas dentist team of Dr. Randy Bryson and Dr. Toni Margio to investigate your options; which include dental bonding or porcelain veneers. Please call 702.445.7075.

Benefits of  Healthy Teeth Whitening

There are a number of healthy benefits to maintaining regular dental check-ups and enhancing your natural smile with a professional teeth whitening procedure. When you consult with one of our experienced Las Vegas dentist, they can easily supervise all aspects of the teeth whitening to achieve natural, healthy-looking results.  Benefits include:

  • Desired shade and brightness which is accurate
  • Safe, controlled environment which limits tooth sensitivity
  • Even whitening tone on all tooth surfaces

Our cosmetic dentist can provide both a take-home option and an in-office one. Both will whiten your teeth in a healthy, natural way using custom whitening trays.

Good Oral Hygiene

Of course, once you have taken the time to receive a professional teeth whitening service, you will want to maintain your brilliant new smile by practicing good oral hygiene. Some positive habits which will extend the life of your teeth include:

  • No alcohol – as it can stain your beautiful smile and may destroy your oral health
  • Limit salt and sugar or acidic foods – bacteria sticks to teeth and may be difficult to remove
  • Brush your teeth after eating
  • Stop smoking, if you are a smoker
  • Do not use chewing tobacco

If your teeth are stained or discolored, we can whiten your teeth and enhance your natural smile. Dentist, Dr. Randy Bryson and dentist, Dr. Toni Margio have been performing teeth whitening in the Las Vegas area for over 20 years. Please contact our cosmetic dentist today for your initial consultation.