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Root Canal Treatment


A common dental problem, severe tooth decay requires prompt treatment to save the tooth and prevent infection. Root canal treatment is a common dentistry procedure removing decay that has spread to the deepest layer of a tooth. In Las Vegas, Nevada, the dentists at Drs. Bryson & Margio Dentistry can halt the progress of tooth decay.

Root Canal Treatment

The root canal of your tooth houses the nerve and pulp. When tooth decay progresses through the enamel, it may eventually reach the root canal. Here, bacteria will thrive and an infection may be caused. Without proper root canal treatment, this infection can lead to tooth abscesses, an undesirable oral health condition.

The best way to prevent decay in your root canal is to visit the dentist regularly. You may not feel anything at all if you have this type of decay, but some people experience:

  • Excruciating pain when chewing or biting down, or when the tooth is pressed.
  • Swollen gums around the infected tooth.
  • Pain when eating or drinking something hot or cold.

Even if you do not have these symptoms, it is important to see our dentists if you have reason to believe you may need a root canal treatment. Putting a stop to the progress of decay as soon as possible will prevent abscesses. In the event a tooth must be extracted, there are also several options for dentistry for missing teeth.

Effective Removal of Decay

A root canal treatment procedure, which is also called root canal therapy or endodontic therapy, is an effective way to remove decay and save the tooth. Left untreated, this type of decay can lead to serious problems, including:

  • Damage to the tooth requiring the tooth be extracted.
  • Deterioration of the bone beneath your tooth roots.
  • Progression of swelling from the gums to your face.
  • Drainage of pus from a tooth abscess.

To treat the decay, the infected pulp and nerve of your tooth is completely removed. Removal of your tooth nerve will not affect function. The nerve only serves to sense hot and cold sensations, and it is not necessary to the integrity of the tooth.

Once the pulp has been removed, the root canals are cleaned out and infection is treated. The canals are filled and sealed, and a tooth crown or dental filling is used to restore the structure of the tooth.

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