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Dental Implants

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Missing teeth present a number of serious problems. Many patients are understandably concerned by the cosmetic problems posed by missing teeth, and it’s certainly true that a gap in your smile can be quite unsightly.

However, a lost tooth also presents serious long-term dental health concerns, including an increased chance of losing other teeth. That’s why replacing missing teeth is so important. And it’s why The Bryson and Margio Cosmetic Dentistry Center often recommends dental implants when you’ve lost a tooth in Las Vegas. Our caring team can help you decide if dental implants are right for you?

Dental implants provide a strong, sturdy replacement for missing teeth, and our Las Vegas cosmetic dentists have decades of experience with the procedure.

If you’re a Las Vegas, Nevada resident considering dental implants, please call The Bryson and Margio Cosmetic Dentistry Center today at 702-445-7075.

The Dental Implant Procedure

Our dentists often recommend dental implants because they represent a unique opportunity: a chance to replace your missing tooth with some of the strongest, sturdiest materials available while providing them with a sound foundation for the future.

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We’ll explain the procedure in more detail when you come in for a consultation, but this is generally what you can expect from your dental implant process:

  • First, our Las Vegas dentists will evaluate you to ensure you are a sound dental implant candidate; this basically entails being in sound overall health and possessing an appropriate amount of bone density in your jaw
  • In certain circumstances, we can perform a bone graft to augment and strengthen your jaw
  • The procedure itself begins with the implantation of titanium support roots. We place these deep in your jaw so that they will provide a strong foundation for your replacement tooth
  • After implantation, we wait for the process known as “osseointegration” to complete. This is the process your body uses to accept and integrate the titanium root. This usually takes between three and six months
  • After osseointegration has finalized, our Las Vegas dentists will complete your dental implant process by topping the root with a replacement tooth, which is often a porcelain crown

Many of our patients wonder how dental implants work and why we’re so enthusiastic about them. The keys are really the strong materials involved (titanium and porcelain are both highly durable) and osseointegration, which strongly anchors the titanium root in your jaw.

Because of these elements, dental implants are incredibly durable. You have to maintain dental implants with sound dental hygiene and avoid grinding your teeth, but if you do, your dental implants can last decades.

If you live in the Las Vegas, Nevada area and you have questions about dental implants, please contact The Bryson and Margio Cosmetic Dentistry Center today.