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Dentures and Partials

Serving Las Vegas, Summerlin, and Henderson, Nevada

At The Bryson and Margio Cosmetic Dentistry Center, our Las Vegas dentists have experience helping patients who have lost teeth due to physical trauma or causes such as infection. We understand that missing teeth present both serious cosmetic and dental health issues, and we’re committed to helping you stave off these problems.

We recommend dental implants for most of our patients, but not everyone is a good candidate for that procedure. If you’re one of these patients, we’re equipped to assist you with a full range of traditional denture options.

Our Las Vegas dentists will discuss all of your options in a clear, understandable conversation.

If you’re a Las Vegas, Nevada-area resident looking to learn more about dentures from our dentist, please call The Bryson and Margio Cosmetic Dentistry Center at 702-445-7075 as soon as possible.

Why Not Just Get Dental Implants?

Dental implants enable patients to get a strong, sturdy, long-lasting replacement for their missing teeth. That’s why our Las Vegas dentists usually recommend them.

However, we’re committed to your safety and well-being, and that means ensuring you are a good candidate for implants. Patients who are better candidates for dentures than dental implants usually:

  • Have a weakened or degraded jawbone, perhaps due to age
  • Suffer from a weakened immune system
  • Have a great deal of missing teeth, making a larger approach preferable

If dentures are right for you, we’ll discover this. You can trust in our Las Vegas dentist’s skill and experience.

Denture Options

dentures options in Las Vegas

Dentures, put simply, are just removable false teeth. Before the spread of dental implants, dentures were the common treatment for missing teeth, and they’re still quite useful for a certain type of patient.

Modern dentures are much more natural-looking than you might expect, and many of our patients are surprised at the comfortable fit and pleasant appearance of their dentures. They are custom-fitted and custom-colored so they match the color of your surrounding teeth.

We offer both complete and partial dentures. Partial dentures combine a false tooth, a gum-like base and a dental bridge which is cemented into place.

These partial dentures not only replace missing teeth, they prevent surrounding teeth from shifting and changing position in reaction to the loss of their mourned former comrades.

If you live in Las Vegas, Nevada or any of the surrounding communities and you want to discuss your tooth replacement options with our experienced dentists, please contact The Bryson and Margio Cosmetic Dentistry Center today.