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Big changes! Drs. Bryson & Dr. Margio have passed their practice on to Dr. Chin & Dr. Pharar. Please read below for more information, and thanks for being a patient!
Las Vegas Cosmetic & General Dentist - Drs. Bryson & Margio

Our Dentistry Staff

Serving Las Vegas, Summerlin, and Henderson, Nevada

We call them a team for a reason. Aside from Las Vegas dentists Dr. Bryson and Dr. Margio, our dental clinic consists of three extremely talented women who help with all aspects of the practice. They are:

These three staff members run the office, schedule the appointments, and assist with the procedures.

If you live in the Las Vegas, Summerlin, Clark County, Henderson, and Nevada area, and are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, contact our  dentistry staff today. Our team is waiting to help you. Together, we perform all aspects of cosmetic dentistry, from smile makeovers to invisible braces to tooth whitening and more!  Let our family help you.

A great smile has a foundation of excellent dental health.  Improve your smile, improve your health, and improve your life – contact our Las Vegas dentistry staff today!